Ringette Calgary Team Staff Requirements


Ringette Calgary has mandated the completion of a Course to assist in empowering and equipping ALL Ringette Calgary Team Staff to consistently demonstrate respect on and off the ice.

There are two different Course options for completing this requirement.

  1. Respect in Sport for Activity Leaders (a parent or work version will not be accepted)
    A highly engaging and easy to use internet-based training course for sport leaders of all levels.
  2. Coaching Association of Canada’s Safe Sport Training
    Completed directly in your NCCP Locker. It is FREE, you go at your own pace, and takes about 90 minutes.

Course completion required by all Ringette Calgary Sub-Association Team Staff Members over the age of 18* by November 30th.  Any team staff member not in compliance will automatically be suspended effective December 1st and shall remain suspended until they have completed the course.
Regardless of which course is completed, certification is valid for 5 years.

*On Ice Assistants, Managers and Junior Coaches registered on the Ringette Alberta Team Roster as those rules are defined by Ringette Alberta are not required to complete a Course.

Ringette Alberta Team Staff Requirements:


*with the exception of CI Evaluation which is January 31.
Please visit the Ringette Alberta website for more information