It is the responsibility of the user (i.e. players, coaches and parents) to check the most currently listed Covid-19 protocols before arriving at a facility.  Ringette Calgary will do our best to keep these links current, but we encourage you to check the individual facility website, where possible, to ensure no changes have been made.  Failure to follow these protocols may result not only in loss of our ice contracts, but potentially suspension of the user by Ringette Alberta.  For more information regarding facility protocols, please contact your association's Ice Scheduler.

Acadia50YY15 min
Brentwood24+4NY20 min
City50YY15 min
Crowchild22+4NY25 min
Crowfoot30NY15 min
FCA50NY30 min
Great Plains35NY15 min
Huntington50YY15 min
Jack Setters50NY30 min
Mt Pleasant1 teamNN20 min
NESS25+51/playerY15 min
Oakridge301/playerY10 min
Rocky Ridge50NY15 min
Scott Seaman28NY10 min
Seton50NY15 min
Seven Chiefs251/playerY15 min
Thorncliffe35NY15 min
Trico50YY15 min
Triwood50NY20 min
West Hillhurst28+4NY20 min
WinSport20+5NY25 min
YMCA50NY15 min

Ernie Starr
Father David Bauer
Frank McCool
George Blundun
Henry Viney
Max Bell
Murray Copot
Norma Bush

Rose Kohn
Southland (Ed Whalen)
Southland (Joe Kryczka)
Stew Hendry
Stu Peppard
Village Square