Respect In Sport Parent Program

The Respect In Sport (RIS) – Parent Program is an on-line training course for parents that compliments Respect in Sport for Activity Leaders by reinforcing a parents role in a child or youth’s activities, encouraging positive sport behaviours, and providing insight into the various roles other individuals (such as coaches and officials) play.

The on-line, self-guided course has been designed with flexibility in mind. Once started the course can be stopped, saved and resumed at your convenience. RIS-Parent Program certification is issued and valid for 3 years once the online course is completed.

RIS-Parent Program certification is fully transferable to any other sports program (i.e. Calgary Minor Hockey, Calgary Minor Soccer) using the same RIS certification program.  If you already hold RIS-Parent Program certification from another sport, please follow the instructions below to import your existing certificate into the Ringette Calgary database.

Course completion required by
One Parent per Registered Player
by October 31st
  • Any family not in compliance will automatically be suspended effective November 1st and shall remain suspended until they have completed the course.

Instructions for Completing the Course:

Respect in Sport Parent Program for Ringette Calgary

Registration and Re-Access Information, follow this link:

Program Access Instructions:

  • If you have an existing Parent Program certificate, select “Import a Certificate” and follow the prompts
  • If you have an existing profile in any other Respect Group program, select “Register your Profile” then “Look-Up”
  • If this is your first time registering for a Respect Group Program, select “Register your Profile” followed by
  • Complete registration and add your child under the Child Management section. This is required to receive credit
    for the program
  • Select “Submit” at the bottom of the page. You will be requested to review and accept the Privacy policy
  • On the payment page, click Pay Now, or Enter a Pre-Registration Code if you have been provided one by your
  • Once successfully logged in, you will default to the Home page. Select program access to view the modules
  • To re-access the program, return to the same URL indicated above and enter the username and password
    created during registration


General Information:

  • Respect Group programs are optimized to provide the best possible user experience for your device. This
    program will run on PC, MAC, Android and iOS devices such as the iPhone and iPad.
  • Numerous Customer Support tools are available for any questions you may have before login as well as within the program. Prior to logging in you will see buttons to retrieve usernames and passwords, and to look up your certificate number. Inside the program, the Help button is available to connect you with a Customer Support Representative.