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  • The information provided in this application is true, accurate, and complete.
  • I am aware that providing incomplete or false information will render my application null and void and will not permit me to compete for this scholarship.
  • I authorize Ringette Calgary to verify student information included to determine eligibility.
  • I authorize the Selection Committee to access my playing, coaching and officiating history as required.
  • I authorize Ringette Calgary to make copies of this application and distribute it to the Selection Committee for the purpose of review. No applicant names will be included in this process.

Checking yes on this consent form permits Ringette Calgary to publicly recognize your achievement as a recipient of the scholarship. If selected for this scholarship, consent is given to Ringette Calgary to publish the student’s name, school location, and scholarship received. It is understood that not agreeing to this consent will not prejudice the consideration of student scholarship applications.


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Please list any Ringette experiences where you received payment for your duties. ie. Ringette Schools. Use a separate line for each year you may have worked at the same task.

Other Ringette Volunteer Experience

Can include on ice assistance, evaluating, tryouts, clinics, etc. Use a separate line for each year you may have volunteered at the same task.

Other Volunteer Experience

Can include community, school, events, etc. Use a separate line for each year you may have volunteered at the same task.

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