Coaches Meetings

The Mandatory Coaches Meetings will be held:
Tuesday, October 4 and
Wednesday, October 5th.

AS and U10 teams – 6:30 pm
U12 and up – 7:00 pm

The meetings will be held virtually via Zoom. As space is limited:

  • Teams need to pre-register to attend a meeting.
  • ONE registration (login) per team on ONE date.
  • If additional team staff wish to attend the meeting this can easily be achieved by getting together and sharing your device.
  • The registration form is now posted.
    Note: The Tuesday meeting is now full. 
    Registration only available for the Wednesday Meeting.


For all teams participating in league play, the HEAD COACH IS REQUIRED to attend one of two Mandatory Head Coaches Meetings held each season.
Regardless of how many teams an individual is associated with they may NOT represent multiple teams at the coaches meeting.

CRL Committee

The newly formed Chinook Ringette League (CRL) Committee is seeking members.

The open positions are CRL Finance, CRL Technical, CRL Administration and CRL Operations.

Please contact Sam if you are interested or require more information.

Ringette for All

We are thrilled to be offering a Ringette for All (RFA) program for children with cognitive and/or physical disabilities.

Through an inclusive, safe, and fun environment, RFA players will learn the fundamentals of the sport as well as develop life skills that will benefit them in and out of the rink.

  • Any player, aged 5-18, with a developmental and/or physical disability is welcome.
  • Start date of mid October, running 1.25 hours per week, same time/same place, until the beginning of February.
  • Registration now open.

For more information visit the Ringette for All page.

WCRC Legacy Scholarship Winners

The “2015 Western Canadian Ringette Championships Legacy Scholarships” have now been awarded. Applicants were scored based on their commitment to the sport of Ringette through playing, coaching, officiating and other volunteer activities as well as school and community participation and service.

Congratulations to Erin Ung and Sam Allison who each received $1000. 

Flex Ringette Program

Registration is now open  for Ringette Calgary Flex Ringette for the 2022-2023 season. The program was designed to meet the needs of athletes who wish to have less time commitment and a competitive experience. Currently, U16 and U19 players are eligible (and may open to U14). We need a minimum of 30 participants (plus goaltending) at sign up in order for the program to be viable.

  • 2 half seasons – October-December and January-March
  • Consistent location and time (Tuesday evenings)

For details on Flex Ringette and Registration information visit the Flex Ringette page.

Volunteers Needed

Ringette Calgary is seeking some enthusiastic individuals to sit on the Board of Directors or board sub-committees.

Open positions include:
VP Planning, Fundraising, Yearend Tournament, Goalie Development, Esso Golden Ring.

More information

Sport Development Survey

In Fall 2021, a three-year strategic plan for sport development was presented to Ringette Calgary to inform sport development initiatives until 2024-25. One of the first priorities identified was the collection of demographic and general data from existing ringette players, to confirm and guide Ringette Calgary’s sport development efforts. A sub committee was formed to identify survey questions and support the coordination of Come Try Ringette events for the upcoming season.

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Canadian Ringette Championships

Calgary hosted the 2022 CRC’s from April 3-9 and Alberta teams finished strong in all three divisions.

Gold – Calgary RATH
Silver – Edmonton WAM!
Bronze – Cambridge Turbos
4th – Atlantic Attack

Gold – St. Albert Mission
Silver – Calgary Raid
Bronze – Team Alberta (Calgary Compete)
4th – Sherwood Park

Gold – Team Alberta (Zone 2 Blaze)
Silver – Team New Brunswick
Bronze – Calgary SURGE
4th – Sherwood Park Power

Many thanks to the Host Committee and all the volunteers who assisted with this event.  Games are available for viewing on the Ringette Canada YouTube Channel.

Visit the CRC website for more.


Interested in how teams finished in Cities, Provincials and beyond?
Check out the Champions page.

Is your team photo missing?   There is a form available on that page to upload one so we can display your happy faces.

Ringette Calgary History

Check out our History site. You will find information, photos, and interesting facts – starting from our first season (1977).

Did you know:

  • In July of 1978 “Calgary Ringette” joined “Ringette Alberta”
  • Frances Willis organized the first Ringette School in Calgary in 1979
  • Referees were strictly volunteers until 1984 when game fees were introduced ($4-$6)
  • Ice cost $50 per hour in 1985
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Adult Ringette

Open A, B, C Ringette is organized through the Calgary Open Ringette Association (CORA) and includes two post-secondary teams – UofC and MRU.

Those interested in joining or trying out for a team please visit the CORA website for more information.

Heads Up: Concussion in Youth Sports

To help ensure the health and safety of young athletes, CDC developed the Heads Up: Concussion in Youth Sports initiative to offer information about concussions to coaches, parents, and athletes involved in youth sports. The Heads Up initiative provides important information on preventing, recognizing, and responding to a concussion.

For more information visit their website.

Our Programs

Classic Ringette

Classic Ringette is comprised of teams who are broken down into levels and participate in league play, practices and tournaments.

This option will require a greater commitment of time and effort than Flex Ringette, but less than Excellence Ringette.

AA Ringette

Calgary AA is a higher level of ringette. open to players from the U14, U16 and U19 age divisions. Tryouts are held and teams are drafted for the upcoming season. The AA season extends to participation in both Western and National Ringette Championships, through to mid-April.

Flex Ringette

Flex ringette is the most flexible option for youths and adults.

It allows athletes to stay in the game, play as part of a team and compete, while only having to commit to one game approximately every 7-10 days.

Ringette for All

We are thrilled to be offering a program for children with cognitive and/or physical challenges. Through an inclusive, safe, and fun environment, RFA players will learn the fundamentals of the sport as well as develop life skills that will benefit them in and out of the rink.

Children’s Ringette

Children’s Ringette includes Active Start, U10 and U12. The focus throughout Children’s Ringette is on fun and maximum participation.

Chinook League

The Chinook Ringette League includes Classic League Play for U12–U19 teams from southern Alberta.


Adult Ringette
As minor players age out of our system, adult ringette is available through CORA and WRAC.

Thinking of Trying Ringette?

Recruit a friend, relative or neighbor to Ringette through a “Come Try Ringette” session.
Registration and event listings are available on the Come try Ringette Website

Ringette Calgary Sub-Associations

Our Vision:

To be a dynamic, member-oriented, and policy driven organization that brings all stakeholders together to promote sport development, participation, and growth of Ringette in Calgary.

Our Mission

We will achieve our vision by:

  • Working with community partners
  • Coordinating and facilitating an all-inclusive program for our members by promoting best practices and providing the required infrastructure.
  • Providing a Ringette experience that is safe, fair, competitive, and accessible to grow as individuals and leaders.

Principles and Values:

  • Safe and inclusive – implement all safety rules and procedures from governing bodies to foster a secure and all-encompassing environment.
  • Competitive/Fair – offer balanced competition to provide a positive and safe experience.
  • Administration – demonstrate effective leadership and good governance with clear policies and management of complaints/issues.
  • Accessible – improve accessibility by managing the financial burden.
  • Development – optimize the format of early stages of ringette to encourage growth and provide infrastructure and tools to meet development needs at all levels.
  • Collaboration – work with our stakeholders and Community Partners to achieve common goals: Competition on the Ice, Co-operation off the Ice.