Game Reporting

 Active Start (AS) and U10 Coaches /Managers:

We do not publicize game scores for AS or U10.
AS, U10 Step 1 and U10 Step 2 teams do not submit game reports.
U10 Step 3, please email your game sheets to your division coordinator – do not follow the instructions below for U12 and up.


U12, U14, U16, U19 Coaches / Managers:

Coaches and Managers have access to enter game scores and upload game reports directly into their SportzSoft TeamWeb account. If you are a Head Coach or Manager you will receive an email with login information at the start of league play. If you did not receive an email and league has begun please contact your association registrar.  If you did receive login information and are having problems please contact

View the video with instructions on how to enter game scores and upload game reports – watch this video .

Entering Game Scores:

Use the Login menu item on this site to access your TeamWeb account.
Go to the SCHEDULE tab.
Click on the game number to open the game window.
Enter the score and the total penalty minutes for your game then click SAVE.
The box score will appear on the schedule.
You can now go to the DOCUMENTS tab and upload an image of the game report. The file must be already saved on your computer so you can upload it. 
Note: The system will not accept files with extra “dots” in the file name.  A dot may only appear ONCE in a file name, in front of the file type – so, Game384.jpg will be accepted while Game.384.jpg will be rejected.

Uploading Game Sheets:

You need to upload a photo image or scan of your game report. “Genius Scan” is a free app and works well for both iphones and android. If you take a photo of the game report using your phone, save the image as a ‘large‘ photo rather than the ‘actual size‘. Or, you can scan the game report and use that file. Regardless of method, you will have to upload the game report from a computer where you are logged into your TeamWeb account.

Other Important Information about Game Reports and Game Results Reporting:
  • please keep the white copy of your game report until the end of the season
  • Box Scores ‘do not‘ update the standings for a division. A game must be marked as ‘Final‘ by the division coordinator in order for the points to be applied to the standings.