Operating Policies

Policies, Procedures, and Protocols of Ringette Calgary

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1PurposePosted May 2022
2Membership TypesPosted May 2022
3Meeting Types, Quorums and NoticePosted May 2022
4The Board of DirectorsPosted May 2022
5Staff and ContractsPosted May 2022
6Communications Flow ChartPosted May 2022
7RegistrationPosted May 2022
8Sub-Association BoundariesPosted May 2022
9Mandatory Coaches MeetingsPosted May 2022
10CertificationPosted May 2022
11Yearend EventsPosted May 2022
12TournamentsPosted May 2022
13ScholarshipsPosted May 2022
14QueriesPosted May 2022
15Ringette Calgary Identity and Logo UsePosted May 2022