This form is to cancel a scheduled league game.

  • Completing this form will send notification to the Ringette Calgary League Scheduler. The League Scheduler will contact Sub-Association Ice Schedulers and the Referee Assignor.
  • Do not contact your division coordinator or the referee assignor.
  • Coaches cannot reschedule league games between themselves.

Ringette Calgary encourages teams to reorganize cancelled league games and play them as exhibition so the teams still get a game. In such cases the teams involved are responsible for providing the ice and booking/paying for the referees. Ringette Calgary will not get involved and the game will not count in standings.

  • It is the canceling coach’s responsibility to notify the opposing coach.
  • For all games cancelled within Calgary, the non-cancelling team maintains use of the ice slot so they can either practice or set up an exhibition game. If both teams need to cancel then the ice must be turned back to the Sub-Association ice scheduler.
Game Cancellation
Only games in the 1st half of the season will be considered for rescheduling. All teams at all levels are allowed up to one (1) potential game or weekend in the 1st half to “reschedule” (providing ice is available and teams availability works). Games in the 2nd half of the season WILL NOT BE RESCHEDULED.