Flex Ringette

Program Information

This program is formatted for the needs of athletes who wish to have less time commitment and a competitive experience. It provides Jr and Sr High School students the option to continue to play ringette in a format that has lower time commitment. This frees up more time to play other sports, enjoy part time work opportunities, pursue academics or any other personal reason.


  • This is a fully separate program
  • Not available as extra time for Classic players. Players will not be able to register in both. The only exception is for goaltenders, who may play both if they desire.
  • For viability, 100% commitment just less time
  • Equal time for all players
  • Open to current U16 and U19 players, and may open to U14 if there is room.


  • 60 minute games approx. once a week.
  • 2 half seasons – October-December and January-March
  • Consistent location and time (Tuesday evenings)
  • Schedule – Completed by Flex Committee
  • Teams will be balanced based on division(s) played previously
  • Friend requests honoured as much as possible, with the primary goal being balanced teams
  • Standings are not published
  • Jerseys provided by Ringette Calgary, all other ringette equipment is standard

Code of Conduct

  • Players, coaches & parents/fans
  • Respect in Sport required

Flex Ringette will not be offered for the fall of 2023


  • Players cannot be registered in both Classic and Flex
  • No releases required


  • Players MAY cross affiliate within the flex program – i.e. if Team red is short, a player from team white may join them
  • No affiliation between flex and classic (except for goalie)
  • Goalie Pool – must be signed up with Flex or Classic

Minor Officials

  • Same as league
  • Officials Requirements
  • 1-2 referees per game


  • Jersey will be provided
  • Rings will be provided

Other info

  • There will be no City Championships, tournaments or eligibility for Provincials
  • There may be a season-end wrap up if the teams wish