Officials Feedback

The intent of this form is to offer Officials an avenue to express concern about the behaviour of fans, players, or coaches, recognizing that there are rules in place for most circumstances that should be applied when issues arise.

Please NOTE that this form is ONLY to be submitted by REGISTERED Ringette Calgary REFEREES.

Officials Feedback

Examples of these behavious include:

  1.  Negative comments or poor responses to more than one call by any participant; disrespectful or overly aggressive behaviour;
  2. Verbally abusive but desists after a warning or penalty; multiple negative comments; consistently aggressive or disrespectful behaviour by any participant
  3. Up to two unsportsmanlike conduct penalties for the same team; constant harassment from any participant, including fans, coaches, and players, refusing to start play (e.g. won't close a gate)
  4. More than two unsportsmanlike conduct penalties for the same team; fan interference; excessive verbal abuse; threats or physical contact