The Ringette Calgary AGM will be held Wednesday, May 31st at 7:00 pm.

Ringette Calgary Office
2815C – 12th Street NE

Registrants will receive an AGM package at the meeting, please register before May 28th.
Please respond on the link below if you plan to attend.

Register for the AGM

Call for Board Members

Are you passionate about ringette?  Do you have a few hours per month to help shape the future of the fastest game on ice?
As we approach the Ringette Calgary AGM, we are looking forward to adding some fresh faces to the Ringette Calgary Board.

Our Vision is:

To be a dynamic, member-oriented, and policy driven organization that brings all stakeholders together to promote sport development, participation, and growth of Ringette in Calgary.

We need your help to achieve this!
Help provided at all positions, position descriptions are below.
If you are interested in taking on a key role by being a member of the Ringette Calgary Board please submit here:

Board Nomination

Executive – 2 year positions in an Odd year

  • VP Operations • Attend RC meetings • Ensure that league policy is updated and applied • Chair the annual Coaches Meetings for Children’s Ringette • Works with CRL Chair to ensure Chinook League success • Oversees: • City Championships • Children’s Ringette • Division Coordinators • Yearend Tournament • Scheduler • Facilities
  • VP Finance • Attend RC meetings• Responsible to make certain that the accounting records and actions are accurate and to ensure that the books of the Association are audited at least once a year • Oversees any paid or unpaid bookkeeper of the Association as required • Annually: • Review budget – RCA bookkeeper generates and VP Finance reviews and make changes • Arrange for 2 board members to do financial review • Monthly: • Attend RCA board meetings to present financial statements/budget and any motions to do with financials • Review bank statements • Review all financial reports to make sure everything is running within budget and invoicing is paid/received in a timely manner • Review and approve Telpay transactions/act as authorized signing officer for Telpay • Miscellaneous: • Act as a signor for cheques, on-line banking, bill payments and transfers • Interface with RCA bookkeeper for any concerns/updates/etc. • Act as RCA board representative in dealing with the Bank • Oversees: • Fundraising Director • Gaming Rep
    • Current nominee Kavanagh Mannas
  • VP Programs • Attend RC meetings • Short and long-term strategies and planning • Program development and implementation • Oversees: • Sport Development • Come Try Ringette • Gym Ringette • Goalie Development • Flex Ringette • Ringette for All

Executive – 2 year positions in an Even year

These positions are empty and will come up for re-election again in 2024

  • President • Calls and Chairs meetings of the Association, the Board, and the Executive, • Is responsible for the overall direction of the Board and general supervision over the affairs of the Association, • Is the main spokesperson for the Association, • Performs other such duties as may from time to time be established by the Board, • Is an ex officio member of the committees of the Association (the President may be a voting OR a non-voting member of the committees) • Oversees: Manager of Affairs
  • VP Administration • Attend RC meetings • Assists the President as required • Supervises work of any paid or unpaid administrative staff of the Association • Ensures that appropriate Contracts & Agreements are in place for paid staff, leases, etc. • When applicable, oversees the Association office as required • Ensures that the Association Annual Return, changes in Directors, amendments in the Bylaws, and other incorporating documents are filed with Corporate Registry as required • Updates Association policy as required • Manages the “WCRC Legacy Scholarship” • Oversees: • Social Media • Website
    • Current nominee Mary Pelland

Key Positions – 1 year (includes vote)

  • CRL Chair • Attend RC meetings. • Responsible for running the Chinook League (U12+) • Work with VP Operations: • ensure that policy updates are made as required • Ensure that existing policy is applied • Chair the CRL Coaches Meetings • Chair and oversee Chinook League Sub-Committee • Oversees and trains Division Coordinators • Reports to VP Operations
  • Children’s Director • Attend RC meetings • Oversees AS and U10 program • Ensures LTAD protocols are being followed • Works with the Division Coordinators • Oversees Yearend Tournament • Reports to VP Operations
  • Sport Development Director • Attend RC meetings • Participation and promoting the opportunities and benefits of participation • Oversees Come Try Ringette programs for Zone 3 • Oversees Gym Ringette Program for Zone 3 • Reports to VP Programs.
  • Flex Ringette Rep • Attend RC meetings • Promotes and organizes Flex Ringette program • Submits a final report including financial statement • Reports to VP Programs