Board of Directors 2020-2021

President Erika Earle
Past President vacant
VP Administration Laura Webb
VP League Judy Renneberg
VP Technical Vacant
VP Planning Dan Mitenko
VP Finance Heather Stubbs
Publicity Tania Katay
EGRT Liaison Kate Coolidge
Gaming Director Lise Stradeski
Officials Development Bob Curran
Sport Development Vacant
League Scheduling Ray Harris
Children's Ringette
Flex Ringette
AA Director
Bow View Rep Dwayne Earle
Northwest Rep Tanya Graham
Sonya Ventura
South Calgary Rep Lynette Zyznomirski
Calgary East Rep Mary Pelland
CORA Rep Eric Forst
Division Coordinators
AS/U10S1 Coordinator
Tanya Wttewaall
U10S2/S3 Coordinator
Sonia Smith
U12A Coordinator
Tanis Budgell
U12B Coordinator Danielle Hargreaves
U12C Coordinator
Tori Wohlfarth
U14 Coordinator
Kyle Bullock
U16 Coordinator
Jane Mozill
U19 Coordinator
Steve Griffin
Administration Marlayne Brandsgard
Accountant Gail Kerr

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