Check out our History site. You will find information, photos, and interesting facts – starting from our first season (1977).

Did you know:

  • In July of 1978 “Calgary Ringette” joined “Ringette Alberta”
  • Frances Willis organized the first Ringette School in Calgary in 1979
  • Referees were strictly volunteers until 1984 when game fees were introduced ($4-$6)
  • Ice cost $50 per hour in 1985
  • Entry fees for teams attending Provincial Championships were $175 in 1986
  • In 1986 a motion passed stating that only “TUBE TYPE” skates could be used to play ringette (no picks allowed)
  • In 1987, “Calgary Ringette Association” was renamed to “Ringette Calgary Association”
  • Rep teams prior to 1988 were called “A” teams – they became “AA” after Ringette Canada issued new guidelines.
  • “RINGETTE” gained a berth into the Canadian Encyclopedia and into the World Book Encyclopedia in 1988
  • Calgary Hosted the Canadian Ringette Championships in 1990 and 2004
  • In 1996 Gordie Howe attended and participated in the Esso Golden Ring media game
  • Shot Clocks were used in the Junior AA, Belle AA and Open AA provincial championships for the first time in 2001
  • 2004-05 was the first season for The National Ringette League (NRL)

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