VP Planning

  • Attend RC meetings
  • Short and long-term strategies and planning
  • Program development and implementation
  • Oversees:
    • Sport Development
    • Come Try Ringette
    • Gym Ringette
    • Goalie Development
    • Flex Ringette
    • Ringette for All

Children’s Director

  • Attend RC meetings
  • Oversees AS and U10 program
  • Ensures LTAD protocols are being followed
  • Works with the Division Coordinators
  • Oversees Yearend Tournament
  • Reports to VP League

Fundraising Director

  • Attend RC meetings
  • Seek and maintain long and short-term grants
  • Seek donations and sponsorship
  • Reports to VP Finance

Yearend Tournament

  • Does not need to attend Board meetings
  • Works with the Division Coordinators and volunteers to organize the AS and U10 friendship tournaments
  • Submits a final report including financial statement
  • Reports to Children’s Director

Goalie Development

  • Does not need to attend Board meetings
  • Works with the sub-Associations to implement goalie recruitment and training events
  • Reports to VP Planning
  • Several volunteers are in place to be part of this committee – we just need a chair

Esso Golden Ring

  • Looking for Committee Members

If you are interested please contact the Ringette Calgary Office.