Program Launch Information

In the last 5 years, there has been growing interest in a ringette program formatted for the needs of athletes who wish to have less time commitment and a competitive experience.  The most common reason identified is that some Jr and Sr High School students wish to continue to play ringette, but wish to do so in a context that has lower time commitment.  This frees up more time to play other sports, enjoy part time work opportunities, pursue academics or any other personal reason.

In 2019, Ringette Calgary issued the third engagement survey and received enough responses to indicate this program would be viable for the 2019-20 season.

We need 4 teams of 12 skaters minimum (plus goaltending) at sign up in order for the program to be viable. If we do not have these numbers by Sept 15th, the program will be cancelled, money refunded and players will be free to join their respective associations for Classic Ringette as they wish.

There will be no refunds after Sept 15th.

  • Principles
    • This is a fully separate program
    • Not available as extra time for Classic players. Players will not be able to register in both. The only exception is for goaltenders, who may play both if they desire.
    • For viability, 100% commitment just less time
    • Equal time for all players
    • Open to current U16 and U19 players, and may open to U14 if there is room.
  • Format
    • 75 minute games approx. once a week.
    • 2 half seasons - October-December and January-March
    • Consistent location and time (Saturdays or Sundays daytime)
    • Schedule – Completed by Flex Committee for first season
    • Teams will be balanced based on division(s) played previously
    • Friend requests honoured as much as possible, with the primary goal being balanced teams
    • 3 goals maximum per player
    • Standings are not published
    • Jerseys provided by Ringette Calgary, all other ringette equipment is standard
    • Bench assistants and coach must have police clearance
  • Code of Conduct
    • Players, coaches & parents/fans
    • Respect in Sport required
Sept 15, 2019
  • Eligibility
    • Players cannot be registered in both Classic and Flex
    • No releases required from players in Zone 3; Zone 2 players require releases
  • Players register through their Home Association (NW, BV, SC)
  • Zone 2 players or anyone who has not previous registered with a Home Association can register through Ringette Calgary by signing up as a new member.
  • Affiliation
    • Players MAY cross affiliate within the flex program – i.e. if Team red is short, a player from team white may join them, and this may mean playing 2 games in a row or on a weekend
    • No affiliation between flex and classic
    • Goalie Pool - must be signed up with Flex or Classic
  • Coaches
    • 3 coaches per team
    • Minimum 1 female
    • Minimum one CSI Certified
    • Must have valid police clearance
    • Selection - Flex committee will choose from applications and declared interest
    • Expectations
      • Bench Management
  • Minor Officials
    • Same as league
  • Officials Requirements
    • 2 referees per game
  • Equipment
    • Jersey will be provided
    • Rings will be provided
  • Other info
    • There will be no City Championships, tournaments or eligibility for Provincials
    • There may be a season-end wrap up if the teams wish

If you have questions regarding the FLEX Ringette Program please email