Critical Dates Zone 123

D0101-AugAll sub-association ice to be entered into Sportzsoft
D0220-SepUAA Result submission from Associations to RAB
D0324-SepRAB confirm UAA tier assignment
D0424-SepTeam Confirmation of Declaration to league
D0529-SepSession 1 schedule distributed U16A and U19A divisions
D0625-SepAssociations to submit Association blackout requests for session 1 - for home tournaments only.
D0730-SepAssociation to provide RC/Zone 123 League with all team staff contacts
D0801-OctAssociation Performance Bonds payable to League
D0902-OctSession 1 begin U16A (U14AA), U19A (U16AA) - Teams be prepared to play
D1003-OctSession 1 schedule distributed U14A,B,C, U19B
D1110-OctSession 1 schedule distributed U12 and below
D12Fri-Sat-SunLeague Blackout for Thanksgiving weekend
D13Thanksgiving MonSession 1 start for U14A,B,C, U16B and U19B
D1415-OctSession 1 Tournament acceptance notifications for all Z123 host associations must be given to accepted teams
D1517-OctSession 1 Reschedule requests from teams due to league
D1628-OctSession 1 start U12 and under
D1712-NovAssociations to submit ice for second session league play
D1812-NovLeague Request Deadline (Overage)
D1914-NovLeague Request Deadline (Advance, Retreat)
D2015-NovSession 2 Tournament acceptance notifications for all Z123 host associations must be given to accepted teams
D2117-NovSession 2 Blackout requests from teams due to league
D2219-NovU14, U16, U19 - Advance, Retreat and special requests (Overage, etc)
D2321-NovProvincial Repooling meeting
D2402-DecSession 2 start U16A (U14AA), U16B, U19A (U16AA)
D2509-DecSession 2 start for U14A,B,C
D2615-DecU12 - League Request Deadline (Advance, Retreat, Overage)
D2716-DecSession 2 start U19B
D2804-JanSession 2 start U12 and under
D29Dec 23 to Jan 3Christmas Break
D3002-FebLast Scheduled league games for U16A, U16B, U19A **Playdowns not set
D3116-FebLast Scheduled league games for U14A *one week before playdowns
D3223-FebLast Scheduled league games for U14B, U14C, AA *one week before playdowns
D3323-FebLast Scheduled league games for U10 and U19B
D3408-MarLast Scheduled league games for U12
D35Mar 13-15 and Mar 20-22U12 League Championships
D36Mar 13-15 and Mar 20-22AS & U10 Step 1, Step 2 and Step 3 Windup
D37One week in advance per divisionSession 2 schedules distributed